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LED & Process

Within our commitment to remain curious in the way we design lies the uniqueness of our fixtures’ illumination—there are no lightbulbs used in any of our products. Instead, each piece is designed with the lighting elements built into the fixtures themselves—known as LED integration. This enables us to adopt a more sculptural approach, no longer relying on the lightbulb to create the aesthetic.

Integral to every fixture is a cast glass element that acts as a lens to diffuse the emitted light more evenly throughout the space. Whether a disc or orb, clear or frosted; the various applications throughout the collection create visually appealing fixtures that marry function and form in a manner both delicate and dramatic.

With recent developments in LED technology, the spectrum of color temperature has improved significantly, drifting away from the cold, blue tones many associate with this type of lighting. Our standard color temperature of 2700K emits a warm, inviting light reminiscent of a longtime standard- the incandescent lightbulb. Once installed, the longevity of integrated LED is unmatched by that of any current industry standard with a lasting potential of roughly 27 years.